Monday, 27 June 2011

Weekend of goodbyes

Our second last weekend in Melbourne commenced with celebratory champagne (both creme and pink!) with those most excellent local ladies, Jess and Monique. They put on a veritable feast of cheese, and we giggled and chatted well into the evening. Even Matthew joined in the giggles and chats!

Then, on Saturday, Matthew and I went to his dad's house for a Bevvy of Beavi. All the cousins, aunts and uncles were in good form, and very supportive of our adventures. Sally made her signature asparagus sandwiches, and I thought wistfully that it will be a while until I will have another. It will be interesting to learn the things that we miss about our Australian life.

On Sunday, Tess and I meandered into the city in the perfect winter midday sun, drank lavender grey tea in Degraves St and toured the Sunday Arts Precint Makers' Market. It is not possible to say what I will miss most about Melbourne, but I know there will be a Tess-shaped hole in my social calendar when we are in Vancouver, and I will be counting down the minutes until she visits.

In the evening Matthew and I went to North Melbourne for Jessie's belated birthday dinner. Jessie and mum have just arrived home from Cambodia, and they shared the most amazing photos of jungle temples and ancient staircases. There was even a photo of them riding on an elephant! Cambodia sounds like a mysterious, spiritual, ghostly and above all, hot place, and it's hard not to feel envious, even on the eve of our own holiday. After dinner we spent at least an hour baiting Rafi, and we received bites and scratches of love.

...I can't figure out how to make the image rotate. So I'll leave it there.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Farewell Drinks

Hello, friend, and welcome to my blog. It is a little less than three weeks until Matthew and I leave for Vancouver.

This is a picture of us taken by our friend, Tom, at our going away party last Sunday at The Penny Black. It was a lovely day, if a bit brisk, and we were able to say hello and goodbye to many of our nearest and dearest friends.

Matthew and I are now busy with last minute preparations, including packing up the apartment we have shared for the last two and a half years, and visiting family in the countryside.

I hope this blog will document our travel, work and study adventures over the next two years, so that we can share our experience with you.