Monday, 15 August 2011

Last Day of the Holidays

It is Monday, and Matthew has a surprise day off. We slept in until 11am and then wrote postcards until 2pm. Only two blocks from the apartment is a comprehensively bourgeois strip of shops, including a gourmet supermarket*, homewares, Italian shoes and ...American Apparel? We have kept ourselves busy, and our bank account dry. Luckily there is also a post office, so to those lucky twelve friends and relatives, please expect some correspondance soon!

Matthew has taken some illuminating pictures of our apartment.

This is me in our "nook". Matthew assembled it and the chairs with his bare hands. It makes every evening like date night, because we can watch the evening sky darken, sip our wine and talk about our day. Very romantic.
I kid you not, this is the veiw from our balcony. Please note the unfurling Canadian flag in front of the stunning mountain vista. It is in fact one of four Canadian flags; we can see at least one flag from every window in our apartment. Just in case we forget where we are.

Last week Aunty Eileen took us to the Vancouver Aquarium. We actaully had a good view of the sloth in the Amazon Room. I have been trying to catch a glimpse of the mythical sloth on every Vancouver holiday for the last fifteen years, so this was a boon. It was all bundled up in a mossy, hairy intersection of branches, about 12ft above us. Having a nap, natch.

A very photogenic highlight of our visit was the otter enclosure, where two friends were enjoying a floating nap side-by-side and holding hands. It was the cutest thing I have seen since that video doing to rounds of the web of that mother cat hugging the sleeping kitten.

Tomorrow is Matthew's first day at work. I am exceedingly proud of him, for securing a position so quickly and easily, and for being an epic hero at the prospect of marching out the door and leaving me lounging. Although, in truth, the lounging ends for me tomorrow as well, as I have accidentally signed up for Middle English Studies, and I need to go into uni and either get the hell out of it or start reading Chaucer with all haste.

My other course is in 18th century British literature, so I have my work cut out for me reading Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews and Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy. Has anyone read either? Any support you can offer in advance of my initial reading?

*which I have visited every day in the last five days. Hello, 7 different types of local artisan sourdough!

Monday, 8 August 2011

At the kitchen table

This post is a bit of an experiment. Matthew and I have been flat out the last fortnight establishing our Vancouver life. I am posting this from my new phone because we don't have home internet yet. Yesterday we went furniture shopping at The Swedish Store That Must Not Be Named and aquired among other things a very tastful grass-green shagpile rug. I'm already wearing a baby pink tennis polo, so all we need is some Pimms and the picture is complete.

This is our last week of holiday before Matthew commences his new job and I start university prep. Last week I had a 3-day teaching intensive where I got to practice my classroom skills in front of a very obliging group of peers. A bit nervewracking!

The family has been so welcoming to us, and so helpful in our move. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone for dinner tomorrow evening at the Kings' house.

There are no photos as yet, because my little phone can't manage it, but hopefully later this week we will have some to share.