Saturday, 29 October 2011


Matthew's beautiful gift to me when we celebrated 6 months of being married.

Matthew painted the flowers, and today we had it framed and hung it in a sunny corner of our apartment.

Matthew and I in Whister; a bit brisk!

Vanilla and Cinnamon teacupcakes in gingham paper. This evening Matthew and I ate two each and shared a fifth.

Look how big the cheese is in the supermarket here!

And the avocados (exhibit A)! My god! The size of my head!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Since I last wrote.

Sorry for the over-long hiatus from the blog. Some scene-setting:It is a perfect Fall day in Vancouver. I am sitting in a sunbeam in our apartment. It is a Monday afternoon. This morning was one of our early starts (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have to wake up at 6:15am). I saw Matthew off to work this morning while it was still dark!

Since I last wrote, Matthew and I
1. Caught up with lovely British folks, Mike and Laura, and went to an American Football Game, UBC versus University of Manitoba. UBC won!
2. Roadtripped to Whistler with my Cousin Emily and Cousin Sophie, saw a lot of pet dogs, and fought off the crowds at the 'Turkey Sale' of snowsports gear.
3. Ate two Thanksgiving dinners (Gramma's house and Corinne & Patrick's house) and three Thanksgiving pies (two pumpkin and one strawberry-rhubarb)
4. Yesterday, walked over Granville Street Bridge into the dodgy end of town and took afternoon tea on the terrace of the Vancouver Art Gallery, before a late afternoon shop on Robson Street.
...and Magic number 5. Celebrated 6 months of being married, and five years of being together! I love you, Matthew.

Things Matthew has been up to:
1. He carved a Jack-o-lantern well in advance of Halloween, so it got a bit mouldy and had to be turfed. There is another one in the fridge awaiting a similar fate.
2. He entered his Warhammer miniatures in a local painting competition at Strategies Game Shop on Main Street, and totally won a prize!! Congratulations Matthew!
3. He discovered that he dislikes pumpkin flavoured lager, and very much likes Maple Cream flavoured lager. Understandable, really.

Things I have been up to:
1. Three weeks ago I joined a gym (gasp!) and have been very diligent about exercising three times a week since that time. I have also taken up Hatha yoga, which I am finding difficult in the extreme.
2. Written one presentation paper for 18th Century Literature, about New World exploration and shifts in scientific practice, one grant application (failed, but good experience) and one Ecocriticism essay about the role of poetry in showing us how to be more eco-minded.
3. (Ongoing) Secretly plotting delicious warm vacations as the weather increases in chilliness. Started with Vegas, now increased in extravagance to Monte Carlo... *sigh* if only.

Matthew on the way to Granville Island, under Granville Street Bridge.
Till next time! xoxo Zoe and Matthew