Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday: Evening edition

I have just arrived home from a long day afternoon at UBC. I taught, then emailed, then schmoozed at coffee hour, then listened to a talk on a forthcoming Canadian dictionary and how it is compiled.

Matthew's not home yet, and my phone battery succumbed, so I can't even call him. This evening we are doing the 'quiet night in' thing, which has become absolutely the Friday Night Norm, rather than any sort of exception. He's still a bit under the weather from a headcold, and I'm... well...

This morning I went to the physio for the fourth time in three weeks, and got 'manipulated' like nobody's business. Almost four weeks ago I injured myself running and since then I have been hobbling around poorly. I am currently taped up like a trussed chook. No cardio for Zoe in the foreseeable, so that also means a dramatic reduction in the cupcakes, cookies and sundries department as well.

Matthew has been Warhammering quite seriously over the last fortnight in preparation for the October Painting Competition. He has some wonderful miniature sculptures on the table at the moment, including my favourite, a miniature model of Trajan's Column

Yes, Matthew really is carving a 1-inch-tall version of this. It's fabulous.
This weekend we don't have a lot planned yet, but H&K are back on Tuesday, and next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. I'm trying to organise a BYO Pie for the English Department Friday Coffee Hour. I will let you know how it goes, but in the mean time, there's pie to bake and test on Matthew...

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Last Days of Summer (Part III)

While Hilary and Kevin were exploring the Great Canadian Wilderness (Whistler, et al), Matthew and I enjoyed a couple of local spur-o'-the-moment romantic adventures around Vancouver.

Friday evening at Jericho Beach

Jericho is about 10ks from our home. It is surrounded by a rec park with tennis, marina, picnic, etc. Here is Matthew, and my shadow.

From Jericho Marina you can see Vancouver downtown. Paddle-boarders, I think, in the foreground.

Matthew looking Captain-dashing, West Van in the background.

Tiny shark and edible-sized crab on the boardwalk! We watched the crab-fishers for aaaages.

Halp! This windsurfer dropped in the soup a couple of times, much to our amusement, but was never hurt.

More gorgeous views of the North Shore.

Deep Cove

(I forgot the camera for this adventure, so these are shots from our phones. Matthew did the honours mostly, so that's why he doesn't appear)

On the North Shore, Deep Cove istechnically part of North Van. The village has one main street which goes sharp down to the marina. We ate icecream, walked along the water, and watched the kayakers.
Stopped for afternoon tea on the terrace.

Raspberry gelato overlooking the marina.

On the far side of the inlet, the forest goes right to the water's edge, and rises steeply up the mountain to the sky. It's like nowhere else.

Street pole banners of raccoons canoeing; these lined the whole street right to the water's edge.

Rowing on Deer Lake

Matthew looking sun-kissed and sporty.

City of Burnaby in the background

Again, looking like a model. *sigh*

Last Days of Summer (Part II)

Matthew and I took Hilary and Kevin to Queen Elizabeth Park for yet more stunning views of our beautiful city. We had obligatory lunch at Seasons (the treehouse on top of Little Mountain), took some photos at the lookout, and wandered around Bloedel Conservatory admiring the exotic plants and birds.

My plant!

Favourite bird: the African Grey Parrot. It's so smart it can talk.
Matthew snapping a not-so-exotic Snapdragon

Big and small fishes!

Carnivorous plants!!

I have one of these in a pot at home but it has no flowers on it, or even leaves. Yes, it's just an empty stick in a pot.

Can't tell you how good these smelt.

Matthew with lots of bananas!

There are two birds in this photo: they are the most 'sexually dimorphous' birds in the world (the female is the most different-looking from the male). Female red and blue, male green and hiding behind a branch.

Photopost: the last days of summer

Welcome back, friends. Sorry for the hiatus, the return to uni has knocked the stuffing out of me. Here's what we got up to since last I wrote... I think I'm going to break this into a couple of posts because there are lots of photos to share.

Labour Day Long Weekend: Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Suspension Bridge with Hilary and Kevin
Matthew outside the chalet at Grouse, proud Canadian flag waving in the background.

Hang-gliding? Or parachuting? Either way, majestic and dangerous-looking.

K and H at the World Famous Lumberjack Show (not that exciting)

Grinder the Grizzly! (or Coola, not sure actually, could be either)

Coming over to say hello

Matthew, Hilary, Kevin and I all shared a four-person chair lift to the summit; this is the view of Vancouver (Stanley Park in the middle, our home to the middle left).

Enjoying lunch at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Restaurant.

The restaurant is actually a heritage-listed log cabin!

H&K on the Suspension Bridge

Capilano Gorge, view from the bridge.

Me on the bridge, behind is the tourist village.

This is an amazing Grey Owl.

This is his tiny bro, the Northern Pygmy Owl. He doesn't have a left wing (at all, it's just a little feathery stump), so he lives in this man's office. They are best friends for life. We were fixated. The owl is about 5 inches tall, fully grown.

Cliff walk.

In the tourist village, with excellent Totem Poles!

I will break here and put the next adventures in another post.