Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sass in Vancouver!

Matthew and I are blessed with Aunts. We have tons of them, between us. We love spending time with them (as we did the weekend before last, garden-centre-shopping and afternoon-teaing). And we extra love it when they come to visit.

Matthew's Aunt Sass has visited us before, in 2012, but the weather was not fine then. Last weekend, when she was in town again, it was like heaven on earth. I'm not even kidding. It was ridiculously picture-book beautiful everywhere in town. To celebrate, we did the following:

Cream Tea at our apartment
Forgive me, this is a picture from the next day.

Aren't they pretty?

Granville Island

A sailboat under Granville Bridge

A paddlewheeler!!

We took the Aquabus all the way up and down False Creek

Seasons in the Park at Little Mountain. We got there just at twilight. The city was radiant.
We also went to Milestones on Denman Street for brunch the next day. We lamented that we were only showing Sass the tourist hotspots, however the weather was so stunning we couldn't turn down the opportunity to go on a boat, dine in a tree-house, and brunch on the beach. No regrets.

Sass is back in Australia now, as we are soon to be as well. For complicated reasons, Matthew and I are travelling separately to Vancouver. I am leaving two days from now. It's all rushing up quite quickly.

Thank you, Sass, for indulging us in some tourist adventuring. You are always welcome in Vancouver, and we miss you already!

Photopost: Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

We’ve had an action-packed couple of weekends. The spring weather has been stunning, the flowers are out, and it’s very blossomy. 

The weekend before last, we met the our friends, Mike, Laura and their daughter, for a walk in the gardens. VanDusen Gardens was participating in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (month-long) by hosting the Sakura Day Japan Fair. There was music, dance, food, anime characters, and of course lots of blossoms. 

This is actually the most fiercely blossoming tree on our street. This was taken on our walk to VanDusen.

This might be Totoro, a cartoon character.

The ponderous blossom trees in VanDusen, and the hoards of fairgoers.

Tokoyaki tent! The line-up was interminable, but the takoyaki was as I remember it.

Here they are being rolled.

I feel like Vancouver has a pretty strong and established Japanese presence and culture. I mean, sushi is Vancouver's favourite food, anyone who's ever been here can tell you that. Even though the festival was chaos, line-ups were long, pathways were crowded, I think we all had a pretty good time. It was just lovely to see Laura and Mike, and their lovely baby Koh, who are off on their own travels now. And it got me in the spirit: Sakura Day was a fitting event to attend in preparation for my Japanese travels, coming up in two weeks!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Time Out

I'm taking a 10 minutes break, sitting down with half a litre of water and getting ready for the next phase: The Weekend. It pains me to be sitting down, because I just escaped from work where I spent the last 8 hours doing just that. But it's also a metaphorical sitting down that I'm doing right here, right now. (Sitting will kill us all).

This morning I got up and walked to the gym literally before the break of dawn. I was walking Northward down a hill and I was walking towards a storm. It was dramatic already, but then the street lights were out. And then the traffic lights were out. And as my gym hove into view, I could see a small crowd of women and no lights, and I knew that the gym was out as well. I said hello and goodbye to the lady who works at the gym, hiked back up the hill home, and promised myself I would make it up this afternoon.

I went to work and ate sugary snacks (all free, all gifts) all day. And my ankle was still hurting, which it's been doing since Sunday.

I've worked out 7 days in a row, and run 27 miles, and (since Matthew was gone) eaten immoderately. My pants don't fit very well.

Matthew got home late last night. Not only am I going to take the afternoon off gym, but also take tomorrow and the next day off. I have to stop thinking of the gym as a place where I can slough off my cakes and chocolate, and I have to look after this poor little ankle. Matthew and I might go for a jog together on Sunday morning. Or we might not.

Cheers to taking time out from normal routines. Cheers to the weekend.