Saturday, 12 March 2016

How Was Your Winter?

Tomorrow is daylight saving time. I am positively wriggling with excitement. People at work complain because they lose an hour of sleep. My Gramma doesn't like it because it makes the morning gloomier. But I'm thrilled, because it is the signal that winter is over. O. Ver.

Last weekend Matthhew very mercifully got me a new phone.

The above picture I shared with Jessie on messenger, but I have to share it here too. It accurately captures how my enthusiasm outshone my skills with the new device. I am slowly learning.

I have been carrying around my old (but not trusty) blackberry for 4 and a half years. I was going to wait until it died to replace it, but it never died. The tracking button was losing some momentum though. Anyway, Matthew got me a very sleek samsung, so I celebrated by getting an instagram account. hashtag cat pictures!!!

Find me, follow me, admire my beautiful cat.

Speaking of the cat, last night we took her to get a manicure. ...Because we tried to DIY on Wednesday, and she gave us such hell that we had to outsource the job. It was much easier to
  • put her in her carrier
  • drive her to the vet
  • wait 20 mins surrounded by large dogs
  • and pay $13 whole dollars
than it was to just sit her down and trim her claws at home. Go figure. Anyway, she looks and feels like a whole new cat, and she is less able to destroy our soft furnishings. Win win.

Since last I blogged, we snuck in a quick trip to Melbourne. It was so jam-packed and we achieved so much. Highlights included: attending Jess and Aaron's nuptials (so beautiful we actually cried), emptying the shed (including selling 5 boxes of books, another cause for tears), side-tripping to Adelaide and Sydney to see dear friends and meet their children, and celebrating my mum's birthday with a luxurious spa day. We also saw all our family, most of our friends, and avoided sunburn. All in 3 weeks. Excellent.

Now we are focusing on the future. I am focusing on the future. I am quietly and thoroughly celebrating a significant personal accomplishment. Yesterday I finished a modest but meaningful project which I can tick off my professional bucket-list, and which took about 4 months of preparation and teamwork. So even though this is a fairly uneventful Saturday, just between you and me, I'm feeling actually elevated. Finishing this goal means that I am free to move onto the next one. I'm meeting with my career coach on Tuesday (yes, I have one of those now. It takes a village.) and I am going to strategise, and goal-set, and generally feel a bit better about myself.